Admission Tickets


Guarantee admission

Simply put, booking ahead guarantees admission.

Great news

Bookings are fully amendable. It’s always free to amend when you give us at least 48hr notice. Ticket prices also include VAT at 20%.

Buy Phone!

No problem – call us on 0371 789 2000. You can purchase tickets by telephone but this does incur a transaction charge of £3.

Wonderful Package

Want to treat the kids? For just £2.99 treat the kids to a Glow Stick, Glow Necklace, Glow Bracelet and a Candy Cane at the Glow Workshop located at the entrance to Enchantia!

Gift Vouchers

Purchase a Gift Voucher for someone special. You can credit your own denomination and they are valid for 15 months with absolutely no date or time restrictions.